The First Step: Life is happening, welcome it!

The First Step: Life is happening, welcome it!

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  • Nature-Based Expressive Arts Therapy: Integrating the Expressive Arts and Ecotherapy, Sally Atkins
  • Inscapes of the Child’s World: Jungian Counseling in Schools and Clinics, John Allen

27/ 04/ 2022 – why be less when you can be more?

10/ 05/ 2022 – meeting with friend to manifest & plan. Number 4- get a website

On 10th may 2022 my friend visited my apartment and we put together a plan of milestones to reach before I have an exhibition. So here we are, at milestone number 4 – get a website. It might be over a year on but hey ho here we go, everything happens just at the right time?

The past year has been pages of manifesting, evenings committed to painting, accepting there will never be enough hours in the day. Learning to practise welcoming unplanned changes or life disruptions. Regardless of it all, I haven’t stopped searching or looking, and the creativity has continued to provide me with a sense of direction.

Creating space… 

My room has been transformed into my studio space and it’s been filled with colour in every corner. I’ve been wondering, at what point can I call myself an artist? Is it now the work is on the wall? Is it when one painting becomes a whole series? Is it the movement of the brush on the canvas? Within my room I feel as though an artist and I’ve been exploring the ways I can allow that to spill into life outside those four walls. To begin that process we start here, sharing the work, talking about the process and to be seen.

Skills beyond painting…. 

Working as a full time art teacher has come with its challenges in creating a consistent space for the art to happen. My attention has turned towards my self discipline and staying strong in my decision making. For years I’ve sat in yoga sessions, practising meditation and within each one I’ve always given thanks to my creativity. However, it is only now that I really throw myself into my creative energy that I feel I am truly nurturing it and growing with it. With this thought process the work has got louder and more profound. Stronger lines, bolder colours and a more felt presence.

What to expect…

Moving step by step you can expect the blog to be filled with musings and progress on the process. The daily battles, the reflections, the inspiration points and the overall creative journey. I will explore the connection between creative process and thinking process, inviting you into the mind of the artist.